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Taipei 48 Hour Film Project

Hey all the filmakers, movieholics!! Listen up!! This James and Ron will be talking to Dennis Nieh (聶雲), a renowned host, radio DJ, and also the organizer for the "2014 Taipei 48 Hour Film Project". Wanna know how those talented filmakers make their dream come true in 48 hours? Come and join us!! 

We and all the other 48 teams will be waiting for you at 1967 Bistro & Cafe. The show will also be live on "4 Seas and 1 Family" YouTube channel. 

哈囉! 各位電影狂熱迷們! 這星期六,四海一家將訪問到"2014 Taipei 48 Hour Film Project"的主辦人聶雲先生。現場除了有James 和 Ron 之外,還有機會見到48 Hour的參賽競爭者喔! 

如果你對於電影拍攝或是製作有興趣,歡迎加入我們! 無法到場的朋友也可以看我們線上的直播喔!

•日期 Date:    Sept. 20th (Sat)

•時間 Time:    20:00 節目將會現場直播

•地點 Place:   1967 Bistro & Cafe (台北市光復南路116巷7號1樓 /華視大樓)

2014 Taipei 48 Hour Film Project: 


4 Seas 1 Family: 25

“親愛的觀眾朋友們中秋節快樂!"4 Seas 1 Family 四海一家" James和Ron將訪問「大台南39小時拍片競賽」的策展人狄龍(Till DiLumière)及導演維德斯泰騰(Mike Veldstra)!曾拜師於台灣著名的資深攝影師廖本榮老師的狄龍,與出生在台南的荷蘭電影工作者維德斯泰騰,長年在台南致力於以影像記錄的方式推廣台南。 究竟台南吸引他們的地方是什麼?在籌備「大台南39小時拍片競賽」的過程中又有什麼有趣的事呢?

Hello everyone! Happy Moon Festival! It is today! James and Ron will be talking to the curator of "The Tainan 39 hour short film festival"—Till DiLumière and Mike Veldstra are dedicated to promoting Tainan with films. What kinds of interesting things happen during "Tainan 39 hour short film contestival"? Come join us on 4 Seas 1 Family..

4 Seas 1 Family: 24

“4 Seas 1 Family四海一家”這禮拜邀請到一位長期在國外接受廚藝訓練的廚師-Jack Lee。台灣出生的Jack在加拿大接受廚藝訓練時,專攻法式料理與甜點,並在芝加哥The French Pastry School進修,接受多位頂尖法式糕點的主廚指導。 食物是生活中的一門學問和藝術,在節目中,Jack不僅會分享他一路上學習廚藝的經驗過程,也將和觀眾分享「烹飪藝術」(the art of cooking)! 人在加拿大的Jack將與 James 和Ron 在”4 Seas 1 Family 四海一家”網路節目中與觀眾相見!

This Saturday (Aug 15th Taiwan time) from 10 pm to 11 pm, James and Ron will be talking to chef Jack Lee, who had long-term culinary training abroad. Jack was born in Taiwan, started learning cooking when he was in Canada, and engaged in advanced studies at The French Pastry School in Chicago. Jack will share his thoughts about cook and the cooking process.

4 Seas 1 Family: 23

 4 Seas 1 Family四海一家”這禮拜邀請到一位經驗豐富的旅行家-張苡絃,旅行超過二十餘國的她,以「人助旅行」為旅行宗旨,在網路上分享旅行經驗,並受邀四處演講。

James 和Ron,將與張苡絃一同分享並討論對於身為外國人,在異地旅行與工作中,因文化差異產生的衝擊或有趣的事情,做更深入的反思和討論。所有準備要旅行、已經在國外旅行.

James and Ron talk to Chang, Yi-Hsien(張苡絃), a speaker, famous blogger and experienced traveler, who had traveled over twenty countries. Chang, Yi-Hsien(張苡絃), James and Ron will talk about their experiences as foreigners traveling in foreign countries, and how they deal with those culture shocks and differences.